Minutes of the 2001 Annual General Meeting

Monday, July 30th at 17.00, room BV2, Copenhagen, WCCE 2001

  • Robert Aiken
  • Rosa Bottino
  • Margaret Cox
  • Niki Davis
  • Lone Dirckinck-Holmfeld
  • Carolyn Dowling
  • Pentti Hietala
  • Jari Multisilta
  • Paolo Rocci
  • Toni Downes
  • Jenny Filsell
  • Harri Ketamo
  • Jari Lahti
  • Antonio Navarro
  • Elisabeth Olsen
  • Elisabeth K. Sorensen

1. Welcome

The chair opened the meeting and read apoligies.

2. WG 3.3 Report

The chair presented the activity report that was presented during the TC 3 meeting July, 28th. The report includes the items what was done 1.9.2000 - 31.8.2001

3. Members

New proposed members:

Paul Nicholson
Centre for Mathematics, Science & Environmental Education Faculty of Education
Deakin University, 221 Burwood Highway  Burwood, Australia 3125
Email: pauln@deakin.edu.au

Jenny Filsell Project manager
Dept. of Education Training and Employment
Education Centre
Adelaide SA 5000

Marie Iding Associate Professor, Educational Psychology
College of Education 1776 University Avenue Wist Hall, Room 207 Honolulu, Hawaii 96822

Toni Downes t.downes@vws.edu.au

Elsebeth Korsgaard Sorensen Kroghstræde 3, 5.252
DK-9220 Aalborg Øst Phone: (+45) 9635 9077
E-mail: eks@hum.auc.dk

4. Election of Chair

Robert Aiken was selected to chair this item and Margaret Cox was elected for organising the voting together with Robert. Two candidates were proposed, Jari Multisilta and Niki Davies. Both of them gave a short speech on how to continue the WG 3.3 work if elected. The members were also allowed to make questions to the candidates. After that a closed voting was held. Niki Davis got 6 votes and Jari Multisilta got 3 votes. Niki Davies was elected as a new chair for WG 3.3 for the period 1.9.2001-31.8.2004. She will select a vice-chair when the current vice-chairs period ends (31.12.2001).

5. Future conferences and activities

The working group will have two joint events during 2003:

  1. eTrain, July 2003, Pori, FINLAND
  2. Australian conference, Melbourne 2003: The Teacher and the School of the Future

Jari Multisilta will be responsible for Pori event.
For the moment following persons have volunteered to the programming committee (from wg 3.3):

For Pori event, w e are aiming to 100-150 attendees and 60-80 papers. The conference web pages are http://legenda.pori.tut.fi/etrain/.

TC 3 will have its annual meeting during eTrain 2003 conference in Pori.

The following people have already expressed their interest to present a paper in the eTrain: Jari Multisilta, Alfredo F. Valmayor. Also, Alfredo expressed his interest to look for potential sponsors to the event.

6. Next annual meeting

7. Five Year WG 3.3 Policy Plan

The policy paper will be produced by Rosa Bottino (with cooperation from members). The policy have to be presented to TC 3 during this autumn.

8. EU framework open consultation response

This item was left to eletronic discussions.

9. Any other business


10. Closing The chair closed the meeting.