Minutes of Annual General Meeting 2003 for WG 3.3

Final draft as at January 5, 2004, for corrections by WG.

The 2003 Annual General Meeting of FIP Working Group 3.3 for Research took place Monday July 7, 2003 at the eTrai Conference in Pori, Finland.

1. Welcome from the chair, Niki Davis.

(who wrote the minutes using notes taken by Margaret Cox and Carolyn Dowling. Thanks for assistance)

Those present introduced themselves and noted membership of other IFIP WGs or other related organizations shown in the table below:

IFIP membership(s)
Niki Davis
3.3 (chair), 3.6
Carolyn Dowling
3.3, 3.6
Valentina Dagiene
3.3, 3.1, TC3
Ann McDougall
3.3, 3.1, TC3
Pientti Hietala
Jari Multisilta
Pencho Mihnev (rep Roumen Nikolov)
Paul Nicholson
3.3, 3.1
Sergei Christochersky
IIE UNESCO Institute 3.3
Margaret Cox


Tom van Weert


3.1, 3.2, TC3

Jan Wibe


3.1, 3.6, TC3 (chair)

Heike Koppe
Dienwke de Man


Panagiotis Zaharias
Rosie Bottino
Toni Downes
3.3, 3.5
Elsebeth Sorensen
Bridget Somekh
Paul Kirchner
Retirement :
Bob Lewis

It was noted that an IFIP grant requested through TC3 was supporting two members to attend eTrain and the AGM: Valintina Daginene and Sergei Christochersky. Niki, Jari and Mikko had collaborated with this proposal in January while at the Melbourne conference with support from Jan Wibe (TC3 chair) and the WG chair thanked all those who had worked to make this possible and these delegates for their participation and noted that they would make reports after the conference. This could be requested for a future conference again in the same way.· Action: Chair to request similar support for 2004 conference (PS done)

It was also suggested that this information should be made available on the conference web site. It was also suggested that companies, including Microsoft, be approached for sponsorship of people from lower income countries.

Action: Volunteers to seek sponsorship for WG activities are requested to email the chair with their plan and this is strongly encouraged.

2. News from IFIP Technical Committee 3 for Education

(the committee of which WG 3.3 is a working group) was provided by Jan Wibe (chair) and Tom van Weert (advisor to working groups).

Action: Margaret Cox to become WG3.3 contact facilitator with UNESCO in collaboration with Sergei and Niki.

3. Membership of WG 3.3 was discussed.

4. WG Conferences and Meetings

a. eTRAIN in Pouri in July 2003

The AGM gave a vote of thanks to Jari for his leadership of eTrain. Paul Nicholson (a proceedings editor) gave a report on the progress of the proceedings and noted that draft report from the focus groups must be submitted by the end of July. Paul was thanked for his work and leadership. Margaret was thanked for her work on the program committee.

b. Working Conference joint with WG 3.6 on distance education ŒLocal and global‚ Genoa, Italy, 2004

Action: Margaret Cox to discuss World Bank or other sponsorship with Jan Wibe.

Action: WG 3.3 members to be asked for suggestions when the plan become clearer plus a volunteer for liaison with South African committee

d. 2006:

The AGM discussed a meeting with Asian connections, possibly a link with ICCE in that region. Paul suggested seeking a member from China and undertook to find a name to contact (PS done). Sergei suggested this and/or a meeting in Moscow at the same time as an event there. The group supported further work to advance their proposals for 2006/2007.

Action: Members to bring proposals for a meeting in 2006 to AGM in 2004.

Action: Chair to invite new member(s) from Asia.

5. Communications

a. Web site and email list

Paul Nicholson reported on the mailing list and web site. The web site has been up for 12 months with him at Deakin University in Australia, but only about 50% of members had added their details. There had been a few problems with the mailing list but this was now resolved.

New items to be added to the web site can include publications and Kluwer (IFIP's publisher) has agreed this for PDF versions. The chair welcomed this development and noted that this would support the working group activities to become more coherent.

The lag in adding AGM minutes to the web site was commented on, and the chair gave her apologies!

Action: Paul to send an email to WG on the list to tell us how to add out publications and a recommendation for how to start.

Action: All members to complete their detailed entry on the web site as previously requested, or to be retired from the WG!

Action: AGM minutes to be added to the web site in a more timely fashion. Chair to send Paul AGM Melbourne minutes to load on web site.

The chair warmly thanked Paul for his energetic work on behalf of the WG.

Document development and exchange with comment feature was discussed and it was noted that the TC3 web site under development is setting up a discussion board with a plan to include discussions on outcomes from Focus Groups at working conferences.· Action: Details of TC3 web site discussion board to be posted on email list and WG web site when they become available from TC3.

b. Widening our network within IFIP (All)

The chair encouraged the members to link with other working groups and agencies as discussed above under TC 3 business. Those present noted their links and these are provided in the table above and the value was noted by members especially Sergei. Special challenges for regions and nations such as Ethiopia and India were noted and the WG expressed a wish to respond to their needs.

Action: Members to email Paul with additional information on their relevant memberships/links and/or put it in their personal entry on the WG web site.

6. Publications

a. Rosa Maria Bottino has volunteered to lead a special issue of Education & Information Technology (E & IT is the TC 3 journal). Rosa will circulate a theme to the WG and members to suggest leading authors on this theme, including themselves. The process for refereeing was not known at the AGM and it was noted that it would be good to have a formal process for refereeing.

Action: Rosa to develop the theme and email as noted above.

It was also noted that a formal process for membership of the Editorial Board of the journal.

Action: Margaret Cox will communicate by email with Carolyn who will raise this with the editor of E &IT (Deryn Watson)

b. Teacher of the future Melbourne conference

(PS The book edited by Carolyn Dowling (3.3) and Kwok Wing Lai (3.1) is now published and with delegates. Thanks to Caroline for her work for 3.3)

c. ETrain Pouri conference proceedings

Progress noted earlier. The proceedings are being edited into a book to be published by Kluwer by four editors (Paul and Jari for 3.3). (PS the contract was signed in December and book editing was nearing completion)

Jari was congratulated on the pubic relations activities associate with eTrain.

7. Activities

a. Support for WCC statement on youth and technology use was discussed, but it was not clear what role WG 3.3 could play.

b. Melbourne conference Focus Group recommendation on raising the status of teachers was discussed. Margaret noted that the Focus Group on this topic at Melbourne plans to generate a paper for a journal and will circulate the outline already generated to member of that Focus Group. They will circulate the final draft version to the WG.

Action: Margaret Cox to post the final draft version of the paper on the status of the teacher on the WG email list.

8. Date and location of next AGM

If the 2004 working conference takes Place in Genoa Italy, then the AGM will be there. If not it will take place over the web in October 2004.



To provide a forum to identify issues and priorities for research and to map research policies arising from the differing cultures in IFIP Member countries.

Scope (amended Jan 2003)

Identification of research needs and topics

TC 3 Strategy

The following themes were identified by the strategy working group prior to this conference and TC3 meeting: Life long learning; open and distance learning, cost effectiveness, disciplines (art, science etc), learning styles, learning environment, learning visions, professionalism (profiles and skills), change management, local and global, social and ethical, knowledge based vs. competence based, curriculum issues, real life learning, educational policies, teacher education.

Also note involvement and potential contribution of TC 3. Technical Committee 3 for Education (chaired by Jan Wibe) works through three or four facilitators:· Working Groups consultant (Tom van Weert),

WCCE 2005

Following commitment of South African Computer Society in mid July, the conference web site will be put up (PS Now up and was sent to WG) along with fliers and poster for printing in early August. July 2004, TC3 meeting with Call for Papers opens a week or two later (PS now delayed to January 2004 and other dates may be delayed too). Papers will be divided into academic of international standard, topics relevant locally, posters and workshops. Early March IPC meeting in Europe to make a selection of proposals with immediate notification, hopefully followed by almost immediate registration by mid April, May 1 papers to printers. June proceedings ready with final program. Registration will take place on site in SA in July.

A visit to a township school is planned and it is recognized that this will upset participants as they recognize unmet needs. The visit aims to provoke participants‚ ongoing support. Delegates and WGs are asked to note that Microsoft has given software for use free of charge and that workshops for teachers in the effective use of this software will be very welcome, including prolonged on site teacher training over 1-2 months possibly by doctoral students.

Fees estimate to be set at around $400, without additional expenses. Sponsorship for local participants will be strongly supported and promoted.

Marketing support is requested from all Working Group and sectors of TC3.